The confidence of reliable and durable industrial flooring:

Epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic or PMMA) is in the right choice of material and coating system, as well as in the professional implementation of the chosen system. We will find the best solution for your site, according to the needs and conditions of operation, and our work teams will implement the perfectly chosen solution for flooring.

Waterproofing Systems are used as a barrier against moisture on external surfaces such as: foundations, terraces, roofs, balconies and wet rooms, as well as waterproofing in ponds, reservoirs, swimming pools and more.


Coated waterproofing is classified into 4 groups:


Cement-based materials:

 Cement-polymer compositions with different elasticity.


Bitumen-based materials:

 Ready-to-use bituminous and polymer-bituminous compositions.


Polyurethane based materials:

 They are applied both on the concrete and on the paved surface. They have the ability to bridge cracks and elasticity up to 400%.


Acrylate based materials:

 Application in different ways / spraying and coating /. Acquire elasticity as well as mechanical stability.


Repairing cracks by injection:

Different types of one and two-component epoxy, polyurethane, cement and acrylate compositions, which are used to cover concrete cracks, stop leaks and make external waterproofing curtains.

In every company there are some areas with the need to renew the floor, which is often a very expensive process. Thanks to our professinoal team and the state-of-the-art grinding machines with diamond heads, it is no longer needed to lay new flooring, but you may rely entirely on the strength of the old flooring polished like a mirror.

The renovation of the industrial pavement worn over the years is obtained through repeated sanding and processing with our equipments, as well as through the use of surface hardeners and detergents..

Filling, gluing, sealing and anchoring of: 

- Structural and expansion joints

- Technological joints

- Other cracks and openings

We have specialized equipment for drilling reinforced concrete. This new technology eliminates shock and vibration, which in turn causes less damage to building structures. Drilling is done with a water-cooled machine and uses high-strength diamond knives that can cut even heavily reinforced reinforced concrete. The holes can be on both horizontal and vertical surfaces with a diameter of Ф20mm to Ф500mm.

Scope of application:

- Openings for different types of installations - plumbing, HVAC, etc. ;

- Openings for chimneys, windows, doors;

- Technological openings in case of change of production;

- Extraction of concrete nuts for testing;

This is the most reliable method for reinforcing damaged beams and columns, when sheathing, fixing signs, braces and lighting elements. A modern and effective way of anchoring is through a chemical anchor. It is used for anchoring both in dense materials and in materials with cavities, for example bricks. One of its advantages is that the material does not expand and this allows it to be located near the edges.